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Concrete Stationery set


Geometry is always the key element that we would use in our product. The concrete stationery series 

is representing the common buildings in our city, with simple outline. The simple outline just like shadow 

and light you would see in your every day life. The set comprised of 4 kinds of stationery and each of 

them represents different signature buildings. 4 of them are:


Museum – Tape Dispenser

Phone Stand - Pier

Maze – Card Holder

Building – Pen Stand 

幾何, 六角形的概念一向是原工作室的設計基本元素. 這次以簡單的幾何構圖, 模擬城市中的建築物, 融合在我們日常使用的文具中. 每款文具的設計均以簡潔的線條為主, 就像太陽照射在建築物上的剪影, 體現光與影的玩味. 


一系列4款的文具讓你可把這個小型城市放置在桌上, 增添枱面的樂趣.





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