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hex ruler 2.0


Hexagonal Ruler is a multi-functional and metallic ruler that is designed sketch handily in seconds. If you were an ambitious designer or sketching guy, this ruler is definitely made for you.

Flashes of inspiration are always unexpected. However, normal sketching tools are large in size and not easy to be used in public occasions like café or commute. Therefore, we design 3 pieces of rulers in a moderate size for ideas drafting at any time anywhere.

Each Hexagonal Ruler is only 72x62mm with diverse functions like compass, protractor and template ruler... Tailor-made case carries a set of professional tool along your design journey.


Hexagonal Ruler emphasizes on freedom, quick edits and free flow of ideas that are hard to reach in computers.



The deeper you look into the underpinnings of the universe, the more complex and interesting hexagons you will find, like honeycomb and bubbles. This is why Yuan creates the ruler based on the absolute symmetrical polygon - Hexagon.

Compare to traditional rulers, hexagon allows more functions to be built on. You will find multiple functions in a particular Hexagonal Ruler. Apart from that, users can easily put them in pocket and use instantly owing to the special shape of hexagon,

By taking the advantage of size, Yuan believes Hexagonal rulers can assist users and their wonderful creations.

hex ruler 2.0

New Functions & New Case

The unprecedented change of the Hexagonal ruler set is combining all functions into 3 rulers instead of 4, which means Less Rulers but More Functions. Moreover, the redesigned Leather Case is able to carry all 3 rulers, and hidden magnetic design is added for better portability with your sketch book all the time. 

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