Balancing aesthetics and functionality in our products is the tenet of Yuan design studio.

We want to present the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of our products by making use of use different composition of geometric shapes, origami structures, nature elements and materials. There are 2 main product lines of our brand - Stationery and Houseware.

Apart from product design, Yuan also provides regular workshops which allow customer experience the fabrication of our product.

Ken Lam
Designer of Yuan Design Studio

Trends in furniture design have evolved alongside societies, the materials they had access to, and advancements in technology, that’s why I have always been obsessed with furniture and chair design since I was a little kid. Having exposed to the interior design industry in past few years, I found myself passionate for creating aesthetic and innovating product. Establishing Yuan design studio allow me to illustrate my aesthetic sense and creativity with function through my brand.



1005-06, 10th Floor, Yuen Fat Industrial Building, 25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay

(Syncbox 12)



​Tel: 852 6100 7294