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To make it even better, this year we produced a premier version “TP”, made for our minimalists. The all-metal ballpen is designed with such fine details that will revolutionized the way you write. Yuan Design team decides to take your unique writing to the next level with TPthat will bring you a new sense of touch while admiring its beauty.


Geometry and symmetry are always the key elements of our designs. This TP series is inspired from The Flower of Life - one of the sacred geometric pattern that has been used since ancient times in many cultures around the world. Leonardo da Vinci used platonic solids and the golden ratio of phi from The Flower of Life. Secret has it that The Flower of Lifecontains vital information to our Universe and all living things. I feel very connected to this special force of Nature every time simply by looking at the pattern. The source of energy is the reason why I decide to incorporate into my design.


TP is an irregular design composed of a triangle and a hexagon, the “Trixagonal” tube is the pen cap wraps around the body, which is a pen. Such harmonious combination brings out symmetry and order, just the right portion of yin and yang. The avant garde trixagonal cap is a visual pleasure, at the same time gives you a new perspective to feel connected to your heart while your ideas flow through your veins down to the tip of the ballpen. TP cap also fits comfortably between your fingers where you can write at ease while feeling pleasantly relaxed. Above all, the functional cap provides dual-scale measurement.

Gently switching to either side of the T-rulers, you can easily measure with the right scale. T³is an ultimate ruler for architects and interior designers. 


cm, Inch, Point and Pica in 1 ruler

A regular straightedge lacks Point (~font size) and Pica, the typographic units used in printing. By using T-ruler you can conveniently translate the measurements you see on screen versus that you see on paper. By combining these 4 measurements into one ruler, T-ruler is the one tool that you need to design for both print and digital.