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TP is a refillable aluminium Pen that designed with cm & Inch dual scale ruler. T stands for Triangle while P means Pen. The cap with magnetic design is for TP to stand, to hold the pen in another way, to measure and to draw lines. Bring TP along with your notebook, you can write and sketch anytime, anywhere.

Triangles and Hexagons comprise the shaft of the pen. It is evident that we used many symmetric shapes in TP, because symmetry patterns create balance, which results in harmony, order, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Yuan would like to bring the beauty of geometry to users' daily life.

The pen cap of TP can be opened and closed single-handedly. Repeatedly doing this during your work or study is so stress relieving, just like pressing the fidget button. 

There are 3 colors of TP - Matte Black, Sand and Deep green, with light grey contrasting laser engraving graduations (12.5 cm and 4.9 inch ruler engraved on 2 sides of the cap). These combinations bring revolutionary changes in your chic office and desk accessory. 


The cap plays as a normal ruler and two-way-grip of the pen:

1. Write without the cap - 8.85mm diameter barrel, make you feel extremely smooth and light in hand.


2. Write with the cap - for the people who likes wider barrel, the hexagon shape cap simulates the pencil grip that we used in childhood. It reduces writing fatigue and enables us to write easier.




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