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To make it even better, this year we produced a premier version “TP”, made for our minimalists. The all-metal ballpen is designed with such fine details that will revolutionized the way you write. Yuan Design team decides to take your unique writing to the next level with TP that will bring you a new sense of touch while admiring its beauty.


Geometry and symmetry are always the key elements of our designs. This TP series is inspired from The Flower of Life - one of the sacred geometric pattern that has been used since ancient times in many cultures around the world. Leonardo da Vinci used platonic solids and the golden ratio of phi from The Flower of Life. Secret has it that The Flower of Life contains vital information to our Universe and all living things. I feel very connected to this special force of Nature every time simply by looking at the pattern. The source of energy is the reason why I decide to incorporate into my design.

TP is an irregular design composed of a triangle and a hexagon, the “Trixagonal” tube is the pen cap wraps around the body, which is a pen. Such harmonious combination brings out symmetry and order, just the right portion of yin and yang. The avant garde trixagonal cap is a visual pleasure, at the same time gives you a new perspective to feel connected to your heart while your ideas flow through your veins down to the tip of the ballpen. TP cap also fits comfortably between your fingers where you can write at ease while feeling pleasantly relaxed. Above all, the functional cap provides dual-scale measurement.

This premium version design comes with an exterior tube cocooning the body, the magnets on the two ends fixed the pen’s position within the tube so that you can easily slide out the pen with a gentle push from your thumb. TP is a minimalist, elegant aesthetic which is based on ergonomics and it is perfectly weighted for the most comfortable writing experience day in, day out.

 12.5cm and 4.9Inch ruler engraved on 2 sides of the cap 


Magnet Design inside the Barrel and Cap

Normal pen seldom use magnet for keeping barrel in the cap, the new magnet design inside TP bring you a whole new experiecne 

 The machined aluminium barrel and cap fit together perfectly and create a piston-like effect when the pen falls into or comes out of the cap. The magnets on the interior of the cap keeps the pen in place while securely covering the tip.



. Two-way-grip  

The cap plays as a normal ruler and two-way-grip of the pen: 

1. Hold without the cap – a 8.85mm diameter barrel that is smooth and light; OR

2. Hold with the cap on – the triangular cap simulates the pencil grip that we used in childhood. It reduces writing fatigue and enables us to write easier.

Either way you hold, TP fits comfortably in your hand to reduce writing fatigue while the satisfying weight of its materials encourages more time to be taken with every pen stroke.



Every part of TP is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminium, a high strength, durable, lightweight and good corrosion resistance metal. There is a real tangible sense of quality to these effortlessly cool and aesthetic pens from Yuan.


TP comes anodized in 3 colors: Matte-Black, Sand and Deep-Green, with light grey contrasting laser engraving graduations. These 3 main hues represent elements from nature - The Universe, Earth and Trees. The neutral color palettes bring a sense of comfort and calm that gives TP a soothing and relaxing vibe, it is a reminder that taking a break regularly is essential.


3 color choices for TP:

  •  The Universe - Cap in Matte-Black with Barrel in Sand 
  •  The Earth - Cap in Sand with Barrel in Matte-Black
  •  Trees - Cap in Deep-Green with Barrel in Matte-Black

 TP shows the understated and sophisticated aesthetic

.Fidget toy

TP was first created for being elegant and as a multi-functional tool for the desk. I later discovered that it can also be a stress reliever. Spinning TP helps me concentrate. A fidget break during studies or at work let go of all pressure built-up and allow your mind to continue focus on tackling any projects.

 If You Want More... 

To some, TP is just a pen. To us, TP is an art display. Should this product bring out the artistic side of yours, consider adding a pen stand. The pen stand is also machined from the same aluminium made for the pen; this 10-degree tilted stand brings a floating illusion and interesting imbalances. The idea comes from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, known worldwide for its nearly four-degree lean, the unmistakable architectural landmark. We hope TP becomes one of your timeless collections from the past.

The traceless reusable adhesive tape of pen stand made from PU gel, with durable, no residue, removable and washable feature will not leave any traces on your table.


TP is equipped with my favourite ink cartridge, the ZEBRA JF-0.5 Black. This fascinated cartridge is designed for a multi-color pen system; the ink flows smoothly and dries quickly. Zebra's Rapid Ink Technology literally dries in less than a second on all commonly used writing surfaces, produces lines and penmanship that are smear-free and makes it perfect for a left-handed guy like me. You may check out more with the following link: Another option is Muji cartridge (click here for details: 


These 2 refills are highly recommended for their reasonable price and availability. I need not look further after finding these two magic refills.



 A beautifully simple tool to capture your everyday thoughts and ideas

 Precise manufacturing tolerances stop any unwanted nib wobble

Frosted finish delivers a more tactile experience to the user


PriceFrom HK$ 508.00
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