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Hexagonal Ruler is a multi-functional and metallic ruler that is designed sketch handily in seconds. If you were an ambitious designer or sketching guy, this ruler is definitely made for you.


Flashes of inspiration are always unexpected. However, normal sketching tools are large in size and not easy to be used in public occasions like café or commute. Therefore, we design 3 pieces of rulers in a moderate size for ideas drafting at any time anywhere.


Each Hexagonal Ruler is only 72x62mm with diverse functions like compass, protractor and template ruler... Tailor-made case carries a set of professional tool along your design journey. 


Compare to traditional rulers, hexagon allows more functions to be built on. You will find multiple functions in a particular Hexagonal Ruler. Apart from that, users can easily put them in pocket and use instantly owing to the special shape of hexagon.


A set of Hexagonal ruler 2.0 comes with 3 design and a leather case. Following please see the specific functions of each Hexagonal Ruler:

1. Point Ruler - 

Protractor/ Circle 5mm - 120mm in diameter/ Spirograph pattern/ Straightedge


2.Curve Ruler - 

Protractor/ Corner rounder 5mm - 50mm in diameter/ Circle 1mm-4.5mm in diameter/ 12 & 24 hour watch design


3. Polygon Ruler

Protractor/ three to twenty-sided Polygon with 1 - 3 cm side length/ Straightedge/ Line in 0.75mm-2.5mm

繪圖的工具尺有很多,部分的尺寸都較大,工具即便好用,不便攜帶有時還是會讓人困擾。Yuan design studio 就考慮到便利性的問題,以更彈性的六角形設計出HEXAGONAL RULER 2.0,一套3件的繪圖尺每把只有72x62mm,可用作量角器﹑圓規﹑多邊形尺及萬花尺...等等。配合能將其全部收納及附有磁性設計的專屬皮套,實用又便利。

物料方面以不鏽鋼電鍍啞黑作為主色,配以強烈對比的白色刻度,鮮明的黑白對比,在紙上下筆毫不模糊 。六角形繪圖尺以精準的蝕刻工藝,製成一套隨身攜帶的專業繪圖工

Hexagonal Ruler

HK$ 638.00Price
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